Wednesday, August 04, 2004

First steps

However far they go ever on, all roads have a beginning.
I have no idea where this one will lead; which is, in part, why I've chosen to call this journal 'Randomised' .
There were other ideas: 'detritus' was one. The rationale was to do with how much of what we know of former lives are to be found in rubbish tips, and pieces of trivia like personal diaries (handwritten or electronic...).
Hence 'the detritus of history'.
However, someone beat me to it! I suppose this is to be expected in a community of 6 + billion souls!
In a way, that's rather daunting. I'm sure we all have 'original' thoughts and viewpoints we want to tell others about. But, being confronted by an audience that big is enough to give anyone stage fright (blog fright!??)
Actually, I don't have a clue how many people will stop by and read this. A better analogy is going for a pee in the back paddock. The landscape may seem empty, but who knows who (or what) is out there, lurking?
To those of you that are out there, I can only hope you find these musings moderately entertaining.
...and that some future historians find some useful detritus.


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