Thursday, September 23, 2004

A Little Something of Mine Own...

Anyone who has been following this monologue may have noted a certain degree of frustration with my current position, and the glass walls which seem to prevent any able but inexperienced person (ie me) from bettering themselves. While I don't believe that learning Java, Perl, PHP etc to be all that difficult (certainly not the stock three years difficult) I do realise that some ability is expected. Maybe if I could demonstrate some real work, a little project, such as...

Hello? Are you listening?

...Is there anybody out there???
(no answer from the great, empty back paddock.)

I have a knack for being invisible.

It can be a useful knack. It would be an even more useful knack if I could control it! It is a knack which seems to have extended to this blog page. Judging from the search results: not even the Google bots have sniffed me out yet!

While it wouldn't surprise me if there isn't anyone in the great back paddock. The thing is, unless someone leaves a comment, I wouldn't know ...unless I add a web counter.
I could drop one of the ones listed in the Blogger addins , or...

Aha! I think I've found a project!

I'll let you know how I go


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