Wednesday, October 13, 2004

We Have Roses!

...Unfortunately, we don't have photos, yet. Hopefully, in the next week or two (ditto the wattles)!
I'll update this blog when I get 'em developed. Meanwhile, consider this a placeholder
The last couple of years have not been particularly kind to the roses in our garden. A severe drought in SE Australia plus a few unseasonably hot spring days (I mean, 40+ degrees in February, OK. But October/November? Not nice to spring shoots!) has meant very few blooms.

However, the outlook seems a little better this year. We have actually had some rain worthy of the name and the garden has appreciated it (water storages still look a bit battered though).

One thing I'm pleased to see responding is the white banksia rose we have at the back. A couple of years ago, this was a feeble twig in the dirt that didn't seem to be going anywhere. Then, last year it took off and started doing what it was meant to do: cover the trellis on the archway. This year it has even decided to blossom

It makes a nice complement to the 'Anastasia' red climber we've got on the other side of the arch. This one has been a success from the first. Smells nice, too! (a vital prerequisite, according to P)

Ah, yes! The arch! We wanted some sort of feature to the rear courtyard, and thought an archway over the entrance would look good. The choice was a bit limited, however: the metal and wire things on display at the local hardware warehouses (ie Bunnings) just looked tacky. Eventually, we saw a nice wooden arbor which gave the effect we liked. However, as a piece of carpentry, it looked a bit ad hoc and, looking at the price tag, I snorted that I could do build something like that for less...

So, why don't I? says P.

Me. And my big mouth!

Several weekends of choosing timber, cutting timber, painting timber, and putting the pieces together, and we had a pretty decent, custom built arch (with useable seats). It probably did work out a fraction less in terms of materials, but that doesn't include my time!

Oh, well! I had fun!


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