Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tools of Mischief: Reprieve

So, I gather that the EU have resoundingly rejected the sotware patents proposal, by 684-14.

Good news, on the face of it.
"We buried a bad law and did so without flowers,'' - Eva Lichtenberger, an Austrian member of the parliament's Green group.
To push the analogy, without flowers there shouldn't be any fruit.

On the other hand:
"Rejection would be a wise decision because [approving the directive with the amendments] could have narrowed the scope of patenting," said Mark MacGann, director-general of the European Information Technology and Communications Association (EICTA), an industry group representing big vendors including Microsoft, Nokia and Siemens.
Hmmm! No strange fruit, but watch out for toadstools! Well, for now, enjoy the moment. Breathe deep and free.

Just remember, it ain't over yet.


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