Monday, September 19, 2005

Megacorp strikes again

Grumble session commencing...
I've been using a version control system (VCS) called 'Subversion' for about a year now.

It's intended to be a replacement for cvs, and offers such useful things as file renaming, and three way merging (last sighted on rcs).

It's pretty good, especially when used in conjunction with Tortoise Svn (a windows explorer plugin). After several years spent at the mercy of 'industrial strength' offerings like Rational Clearcase (the only VCS I've encountered that has apparently 'lost' the contents of a newly submitted file on me, but that's another tale) it is very refreshing to have a product like this that 'just works'!


A special version is required when operating in VS One that is not compatible with other svn repositories.


It seems that has a problem interpreting folders with . in them (local subversion repository data is normally stored in a subfolder named .svn, and must instead resort to '_svn').

Ah, Microsoft! The company that claims the dot.

The pale blue dot, that is!


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