Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Tale of a Wiki (and a mongoose)

I have just got myself a wiki.

It's at Wiki Tiki Tavi.

Why get a wiki when I've got a blog for occasional mutterings?

The reason has to do with interlinking ideas and concepts. A blog structure is predominantly linear, with posts ordered chronologically. This is fine for jotting down ideas and opinions, and for allowing comment (not that I get many of them!). It is also great for RSS feeds. However, the format does tend to stifle any other directions I care to go.

It also means that older posts tend to get lost in the mists of time (although the dreaming knows: I still get a lot of Google hits for the 'Tools of Mischief', mainly by med students looking for references to H. Pyelori ... which probably means this post will be coming to prominence as well, now!)

I had actually intended to set up my own wiki site using pmwiki but, as the result of an initiative by someone who set up an area to discuss the predictions in David Brin's novel 'Earth', I was introduced to pbwiki (pb = Peanut Butter, as in 'easy as').

Five minutes later, I was wikiing!

I will still keep the blog going. It will be for comment on breaking news, and as a diary. The wiki will be for musings of a more 'timeless' nature.

As for the name? well, run and find out!


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