Thursday, August 19, 2004

This 'ere is a Wattle...

I decided to take a couple of days break from work this week to do some things around the house. One of my tasks was to clean the upstairs windows. Not having been done for several years, it is quite surprising that any light manages to filter through.
Anyway, once I did manage to get the windows back into a state where I could peer out again, I noticed that the large blackwood wattle (that would dominate our garden were it not for the even larger peppermint gum growing next to it) was in full bloom and putting on a spectacular display of pale gold.

'Oh, hang spring cleaning!' said the mole

Well, there was a hint of spring on the air! So, I took a break from my break, and went to take a few photos for posterity. It was worth the hayfever.

Now, I have a confession to make: no digital camera! (I think my geek certificate expired some time ago.) I still intend to get the photos posted to this blog one day.
(As indeed, I now have....finally!! - Nov 12)

Which is what suggested the title. For those who don't realise, it's from a Monty Python sketch; the one about the Australian University:

This 'ere is a wattle,
The symbol of our land.
Yer can put it in a bottle,
or hold it in yer hand!
Australia! Australia! Australia!
We love yer!
(crack a tube, Bruce!)

I know , those who didn't realise probably didn't want to!

That I feel it incumbent on me to explain Monty Python quotes!
Ah, these are sad times for a shrubber to ply his trade!

(alright, so I'm quoting from that one from memory!)


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