Thursday, October 21, 2004

Il Giardino Armonica

P and I had a rare excursion out on Tuesday night: Il Giardino Armonica was performing as part of the Musica Viva series.

Early baroque played on period instruments...
Early style string instruments may not have the projection of their more modern counterparts, and they are a bitch to keep in tune, but they have a much more mellow sound to them.

The conductor of this group also doubles as a recorder player. Recorder playing such as you don't hear in the average music school classroom!

We'll be dropping our subscription to Musica Viva next year. Not enough time, and the program's not that enthralling.

It's a pity.

The real pity is that Emma Kirkby's part of the program next year... which says something about the rest of it. Oh well, we can try for tickets to that one when they are made available to the general public.


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