Friday, July 08, 2005

Culture of Def

It complements the Culture of Lief, as is demonstrated by the London bombings.

People who think this is the way to get their point across bear as much relationship to mainstream Islamic teachings as Branch Davidian or Temple of God did to Christianity.

Their miserable system of belief, that can dismiss 'collateral damage' as either instant martyrdom or the just smashing of infidel clay, can only be described as : satanic. So, I think that linking their creed with the 'difmal' city in Dante's pit is quite appropriate. (it also separates this creed out from other religions with which it might wish to be associated)

I've commented before about this. Culture of Def has no head, so the only way to prevail against it is to cut it off at the roots. And that involves reaching into the communities that foster it, finding out why, and dealing with the causes. This takes a lot of preparation, and won't grab the flashy 'we're doing something' headlines that a 'war on terror' does. Indeed, the way in which the Culture of Lief has been conducting it's campaign to date suits the Culture of Def just fine.

Like I said, a nice complement.

However, I felt a faint flicker of hope, listening to Bush speak on the bombings from Gleneagles, that he might finally be getting an inkling as to what he should be doing.

I won't hold my breath.
Update: Speaking of 'dealing with the causes', Jamais Cascio at Worldchanging has a sensible response to the bombings, which is a good deal more constructive than my ramblings!

Update 2: Dear deffists, the World is not afraid of you. And that should make you worried. You see, that link rose spontaneously within hours of your greeting cards, and shows that the Dreaming Web has no head to cut off either. And it's bigger than you are, with far more healthy roots. It is the common man/woman, who knows precisely what you have to offer: nuffin!
Now, I've got other things to do!


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