Friday, November 18, 2005


I have just signed on to Optus' $9.50 plan, and taken delivery of my new Nokia 6110i mobile phone.

As part of the accompanying gush and bumph, there is a little note detailing how to tell whether or not you have a *genuine* Nokia battery. Non-genuine power sources may blow up.

Leave nothing to chance, as you:
  • find a hologram sticker on the battery side (check)
  • observe that the hologram is as indicated (check)
  • observe that there are the requisite number of dots to the top, left , bottom, and right (check)
  • scratch the side of the hologram to reveal: a 20 digit ID!!! (...check!?)
  • go to the Nokia website to verify the ID (...oh, for goodness sake!)
This reminds me of the yada over getting genuine inkjet refills for your printer or you'll be sorry (Though not half as sorry as the characters who miss the revenue stream).

I may be showing my ignorance, but I just don't see a huge revenue stream in lithium batteries.

Someone clearly needs to get a life.


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