Wednesday, November 09, 2005

WOT: a Smokescreen?

Having commented that the urgency with which the new anti-terrorist laws were enacted last week would require justification through subsequent arrests, the appropriate sacrificial lambs were duly rounded up on Monday.

Evil thwarted. Australians can breathe more easily. All in the nick of time...


Victorian Commissioner of Police Christine Nixon commented that, while the new laws helped Victorian police, they were not critical. Says she: "We were working to a point where we believe we'd have been able to take action otherwise."

and, it seems that Howard's remarks on the need for legislation actually tipped off the wannabe Bang Boys, to the annoyance of the police, who were watching them pretty closely.

So, was this just 'careless talk', or was it 'couldn't care less' talk that gives conspiracy theory #2 a boost?


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