Monday, March 27, 2006

Torino Scale Downsizing

Refer to the Torino scale that assesses the risk of asteroid collisions.

  • Level 1 (green): Things have been pretty slack for me at work for some time. In fact, while I haven't been completely idle (blogging aside), I don't think I've done any fee earning work for the last two years!
  • level 2(yellow): From the start of the year, a number of other people have been commenting on the level of slackness.
  • level 3(yellow): A couple of weeks ago, the director's update noted the downturn in revenue.
  • level 4(yellow): last thursday, the next director's update was delayed until this morning. All staff were urged to attend.
  • level 5(orange): having had the meeting, we learn that 10-12 people are due to be shown the door. I'm not surprised. Just who has yet been decided but, given my fee earning contributions of late, it's not looking good.
Ah, well. If it does go to level red, it won't be more than an 8: I will only expect local devastation.


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