Thursday, September 13, 2007

So Much To Do... So Little Time...

I'm feeling a bit subdued this morning. Probably picking up on the sombre mood of two usually optimistic commentators:

WorldChanging's Alex Steffen makes a frank and bleak assessment of what's needed to ward off a looming global ecological catastrophe. Green stamps and Terra Passes aren't going to cut it. In fact, nothing short of a complete overhaul of civilisation is going to cut it.

And where's the political will for that?

David Brin, fresh back from a trip to China and Japan, quickly gets into an equally jaundiced appraisal of the State of the (US) Nation (and this supplemental comment is really depressing). He has a pet bit of (freely acknowledged) paranoia that suggests that a clade of aristocrats have been managing out democracy in the US, and are just waiting to take over and shut down this irritating bit of taradiddle called 'the Enlightenment'.

Cheery sentiments, which lead me to consider the end... of a little piece of Dylan Thomas:

...Do not go gentle
into that good night,
But rage,
against the ..
dying ..
of ..
the ..

So, what would you have done on Flight UA93?


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