Saturday, August 21, 2004

Brussel Sprout Diplomacy

When it comes to mealtimes, our little household is fairly omnivorous.
Of course, there are some exceptions:
  • ... little Missy has decided that cheese is off the menu (and cauliflower, depending on who's offering it)
  • ... my wife (henceforth referred to as P) isn't too keen on brocolli (nothing to do with George Bush Snr's tastes, I might add)
  • ...and I cannot stand brussel sprouts!
Since I am usually the one who does the greengrocery shopping, it means that said vegetable is almost never in the house.
However, I must confess that I have been a bit liberal with the brocolli of late, and P has been putting her foot down. This gave me pause to consider:
  • Little Missy's never had brussel sprouts,
  • I don't have to have the things
  • LM has just joined in the discussion with a firm request for Brussel Sprouts
I suppose it is incumbent on parents to give their offspring new experiences.

Last shopping day, I went and bought some Brussel Sprouts. (*sigh* the things we do!)
The response from LM was ... diplomatic. A few cautious nibbles, and 'what have we here?' noises. So, it will probably take another tasting to establish which parent she takes after in this area.

footnote: If LM ever expresses a passion for broad beans, she's out of luck: both of her parents detest them!


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