Wednesday, December 15, 2004

More Summer Signs: The Coveting of Shadows

Hopefully, the last on what constitutes summer 'round here...
Even though this posting does originate from the more temperate southern regions of the continent, this is still Australia, the 'sunburnt country'. It's summer and, if the sun's out, things get hot. Ergo, if one's car is out in the sun, it also gets hot, and not very comfortable at the end of the day!

The problem then becomes one of finding a car park with a certain degree of shade during the day. And there's the rub! In a large outdoor parking lot (such as is to be found at the place I work) shade is at something of a premium.

However, I have found a spot which offers decent shade in the afternoon. It means I have to walk a little further to my desk, but that's a small price to pay, and I will continue to cherish my discovery for as long as nobody else finds out about it!
This isn't the sort of thing you'd even consider patenting...
In one of my geekier musings, I have wondered whether management could be persuaded to put up sail cloth in the parking lots. Idle speculation, since the place is rented, and the mentality seems to be don't improve on capital works you don't own (even if you do get the benefit of the improvement for the foreseeable future!)

On consideration, I've realised my discovery gives rise to a little social experiment: is the average person's urge to find shelter for their beloved chariot greater than or less than the urge to minimise the amount of walking to be done?


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