Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Interlude: Three Months on

Well, waddya know? I posted my first blog just over three months ago!

As I recall, my reasons for starting this little exercise was to give myself a place to let off steam and let some of my thoughts run their course. That, and to get myself out of a rut at work.

What's happened since then?

Well, work's not quite as dire as it was three months ago: I've actually got something to do (not much, and I suspect there's a nasty surprise coming next week, but it'll do for now)

Depression makes one feel very insignificant and worthless. It tends to make you lock yourself away and stagnate. Not that I think I was that down in the first place, and spring weather has got to help, but I think the act of writing something forces the cogs to turn, and clears the blockages (unrelated reference to last posting)

Once I started, I found I had a lot more to say than I realised. I started off intending to write about anything that took my fancy, and am surprised at how political a number of my pieces have been. Probably a sign of the times.

Though I sez it myself, looking back at my entries, the results have been generally quite literate; even going so far as indulging in a bit of poetry. Oh, I'm not about to launch into a new career as a writer, and some of the stuff I've put down down is a truly ramblin' amble in need of an editor's lash. I can only plead the Pascal defense:
'I have made this [letter] longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.'
- Blaise Pascal

Otherwise, I think the key to a good blog entry is: keep it brief and to the point.

Indulging in a pastime like this, it's interesting to see how others go about it. Using the 'Next Blog' provides a random window onto what else is going on in the Blogosphere. Most of it's fluff: of interest only to the writer and confidantes. On the other hand, that's how I stumbled across 'News from Baghdad'.

I have found Tim Bray's ongoing narrative an inspiration in terms of both quality and quantity. How does he blog on about anything and everything, and still hold a full time job down?

What next? I suppose I could go and try my hand at the nanowrimo 'novel in a month' competition...nah! Not enough time. Besides, my word count in a week would have to equal my word count in the past three months!

Plus, I've still got those photos to publish!

And, to the speculative future sifter of the detritus of history who is plodding through these jottings? Other than the occasional nod, I shall ignore you.

After all, I think that is what you would want!


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