Monday, November 15, 2004

Trampling the Daisies

So, we hear that Fallujah is 'all but liberated' from the militants, do we?

We also hear that said militants have dispersed to other parts of Iraq (living to fight another day)

And we also hear, from aid agencies, that conditions for civilians trapped in Fallujah are 'hell on earth'.

Oh, there's a lot of dust to settle yet from this weeding operation, and I'm sure that the US marines are proceeding with all due care and attention, despite having to deal with a horde of yokels with no such restrictions!

Nevertheless, when the dust does settle, I think that we'll find that a lot of daisies will have been trampled in the process.

Trampled, apparently, by marine boots.

And, I think, when history comes to view this affair, that that will have been the entire point.


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