Tuesday, January 25, 2005

In Which One Thing Leads to Another...

To lighten the mood a little...
It began when her cousins pointed out the bats in the sky one eveniing.
It progressed to Little Missy religiously looking for bats each evening out of her bedroom window (that they turn up just past her bedtime has nothing to do with the case...)

Then, the bats stopped coming for a bit. Not to be diverted, LM finally decided that, if Mahommed won't come to the mountain, she would like to visit the 'bats' house' instead.

So, last weekend, we went on a picnic to where the bat colony has settled after being evicted from the Botanical gardens ( for reference, this is near the Yarra Bend golf course, at a place called 'Bellbird Flat'). Sure enough, we see hundred of bats, hanging from the trees across the river, like so many black polythene bags.

A grandstand view of bats to be had... and what else? Canoes!

One intrepid party, checking an old canoe for leaks invited LM for a trial run (after establishing that there were no leaks!)
Being two and cute has its advantages!
Her parents thank them for the offer on her behalf, but decline
(then again....)


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