Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Meanies...

Remember the Blue Meanies?

If you don't, you are young. There is time...

It seems that the Blue Meanies have taken lodging in Pepper... er, Canberra (was there any doubt?) when we hear that the government is considering moves to prevent Habib from earning any money from selling the story of his detention.

OK . I know about not being allowed to profit from one's wicked ways and all that. It's a fine principle.

The only thing is... what is this man guilty of?

He, and many others, have been stuck incommunicado in a non-place for the last three years, subject to non-justice and non-treatment. He is now to be released, without charge, and flown back to Australia, and kept under as close a scrutiny as possible.
A salutary experience, from which none shalt be allowed to profit, it seems.
I daresay they'll try and slug him for the associated costs as well (don't laugh, the meanies are quite capable of doing it.)

Again I ask:
What is This Man Guilty Of??

Either charge him, or let him be.
'All you need is love (altogether now!)'...


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