Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Synchronicity... (ALP and Amiga)

Coincidence 1: Last night, I received a parcel. It was a promotional tee shirt arriving three years too late and was about two sizes too big.*

Coincidence 2: Last night, Mark Latham resigned as leader of the federal opposition, citing bad health (recurring attacks of pancreatitis). The main contender to replace him is Kim Beazley, who is an able man, but who is also about three years too late and about two sizes too big.
(maybe I should send him my tee shirt?)
*The tee shirt? Ah! Several years ago, I had an Amiga 1200 computer, and have been keeping an eye on what's been happening in that community ever since Commodore went belly up. I even contributed to a quick cash grab by the then owners of the rights (Amiga Inc.), who were offering a $50 voucher for the Amiga one and a tee shirt to anyone who'd support the Amiga OS 4 and Amiga DE development effort. Only now has that investment borne fruit!
Anyone interested can check out what's going on here: quite a bit, as it happens and. although I think it's been left behind now, I could be wrong).

Question is: am I game enough to wear it to work this Friday, or shall I just wrap a towel around my head with 'dork' emblazoned on it?


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