Thursday, December 23, 2004

Ukraine? You Don't Know the Half of it!!

In an earlier posting, I offered the pious hope that, while there were problems with the electronic voting systems used in the recent US election, the overall effect was minimal.

It now seems that it was, indeed, a pious hope, and that conniptions are in progress.

The Free Press site has this article (among several others) documenting the challenges to the Ohio result that have been lodged. It reads like fulminated mercury.

The least controversial part is that there is an increasing likelihood of a formal challenge in the electoral college when it convenes to ratify the vote on Jan 6, the first since 1877.

The most controversial part is that the big news groups have been keeping very quiet about all of this, preferring to concentrate on the soapbox thriller going on in the Ukraine (and, of course, the ongoing carnage in Iraq as the weeds grow up between the trampled daisies).
As Brin put it: 'And the trend. Oh Lord.'
I don't normally consider myself a conspiracy buff; tending to the view that most 'subtle plans' are the result of incompetence (although that, in itself, can be one part of the slippery slide into corruption). However, the evidence being stacked up is pointing to something very fishy indeed, and can't be lightly dismissed.

All this little mix needs now is for Kerry to be checked into hospital suffering from symptoms of a 'mysterious ailment'...

I will write more on this, and of my views on electronic voting systems later.
In the meantime, to all those out there in the back paddock, enjoy the Christmas break.


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