Thursday, July 21, 2005

WNA: The Muse Moves...

In case you hadn't noticed, I have been mulling over the reaction to the London bombings. The world reactions. My reactions.

Why I should be so preoccupied with an event that occurred half a world away is beyond simple understanding. I think it has to do with the team at We're not Afraid, who deserve a huge accolade for presenting an avenue for a measured response that doesn't involve going out and roughing up a few hapless individuals who (if you 'd stopped to ask before causing a 'spot of bovver') were just as outraged as you.

It has long been my personal opinion that going after terrorists with an attitude of vengeance is worse than useless, and the simple manner in which WNA allows you to express this is what has captured my imagination.

Would that certain national leaders could come to provide an equally mature response! (To be fair, I think that even Bush has an inkling of this when he spoke of promoting an 'ideology of peace' on the steps at Gleneagles: but he since has had his leash put on again)

And my reaction? A tribute to WNA, and what they stand for:
Not Afraid
You caught the News today, with your acts of sadness.
What was it you were trying to say?

Did you want a reaction, from hurt that turns to hating?
Blind oaths that there'll be Hell to pay?

Well I've got news for you: it doesn't have to be that way!
We're bigger than the part you wanted us to play.

We can break the mold: the circles that you travel in
This may not be the end, but it just might be the start.

I'm not afraid of you, no matter what you do,
The light just keeps on shining through.

I'm going to say it, to your face: the World's a good place.
And you can't tell me that's untrue.

So we'd just thought we'd say, we are not afraid of you!
And hating's not the way, we're going to reply!

We'll reach into your heart, to see what makes you play the part!
And live to see the day, your own fears will be stayed.

The World's a good place (not going to give it up!)
The World's a good place (not going to give it up!)

I know how this sounds in my head. I also know how it sounds when I sing it (shudder!). It may be some time before I inflict the latter on you! (for technical, as well as aesthetic reasons)

What I would like to do is to post this piece (and accompanying noises: both vocal and instrumental) at a site where anyone can join in and add to the mix. What will the result sound like?
  • An anthem of hope?
  • A rendition of another Friday night down at the Pub?
Ah! But that is the joy of experimentation: finding out!


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