Monday, April 03, 2006

World Changes

While waiting for an incoming event* to register as a Torino 8, it is with a little irony that I note that Jamais Cascio has left WorldChanging.

Nothing is forever, and I suppose a three year stint as chief editor is a pretty good innings.

Such changes are often associated with a tinge of sadness and loss. But I choose to look at it this way: the Worldchanging team is all about picking up the pieces for a better world. What sort of future would the site have if it was predominantly Jamais?

It seems it's time to find out!
* I was informed on Thursday that I was high risk, and I am due to find out for certain tomorrow.
None of which surprises me in the least. Which is why the Torino level remains at 5, where I put it a week ago.


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