Friday, January 28, 2005

Tee-Shirt Synchronicity II

I wore my Amiga T shirt in to work today, justifying it as a fitting recognition of the ascension of Kim Beazley to the helm of the ALP (ie both being three years late, and two sizes over*).

Beazley is actually quite an able fellow, but didn't quite cut the mustard in his last incarnation as glorious leader. Maybe this time...
I know! I gave Howard the same treatment: optimists never learn!
It says something for the democratic process in relatively small groups that there's so much head-counting, nodding and winking going on in the background that the election can be decided without actually having a vote! I guess it's a defence mechanism to counter the fact that party factions have long knives and longer memories.

It also highlights a little niggle I've been having with my vision of WTP. A truly open voting system ought to allow tracing each ballot to each voter. This is from the POV of getting a clear and non-repudiatable audit trail. However, I can understand that it's a feature that would make most people do a double take, and I doubt Iraqis would accept those conditions!
*Actually, it's not that bad a fit! But, promo tee shirts have a reputation to uphold...


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