Monday, July 25, 2005

Smile! You're at Checkpoint 20050156873

... being Microsoft's patent application for: the SMILEY!!!

Actually, it's for emoticons in general, but you can be forgiven if you're ROTFL too hard to notice that little detail

I like Groklaw's take on the whole silliness (cute pig), and PJ's response to John Dvorak's 'shock jock' article on the Creative Commons license.

Make no mistake, the methods may differ, but those elements who spread FUD and threats of legalised extortion are just as much terrorists as those insane souls who commit acts of sadness on London subways and Baghdad markets.

The intention is the same: cow the populace into meekness.

Sorry guys. These tactics might have worked in a less connected age, when each person's fear was felt in isolation.

Not any more.


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